Salon national de l'éducation de Montréal

Who attends the fair

The National Education Fair is aimed primarily at high school students (sec. 3-4-5-), to adults enrolled in adult education or continuing education programs, as well as parents and the general public. It brings together under one roof universities, cegeps and colleges, specialized schools, school boards and vocational training centers, professional bodies, associations, provincial and federal sector councils and several ministries and agencies from the provincial and the federal governments.

The National Education Fair provides information on opportunities associated with various career and academic paths leading to them.

Why visit the fair

The visit of The National Education Fair will allow you to find the latest information on:

  • All programs offered at the three training levels (vocational training, college and university)
  • Specialized training programs
  • Trades and careers
  • Regulated professions
  • Education financing
  • Governmental programs
  • New challenges related to labor market
  • Practical solutions for a brighter future
  • Economic activitor sectors and industries booming

The visit of The National Education Fair will allow you to assist to:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Demonstrations of trades

The visit of The National Education Fair will help you:

  • Pursuing your post-secondary studies
  • Choosing a profession or a career that excites you

Who are the exhibitors

The National Education Fair includes a large spectrum of exhibitors:

  • School boards
  • Vocational Training Centres
  • Public and private colleges
  • Specialized schools
  • Universities
  • Professional bodies
  • Provincial and federal sector councils
  • Associations, organizations and community organizations
  • Foundations and federations Fondations et fédérations
  • Provincial and federal ministries and agencies
  • Businesses


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