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Salon national de l'éducation de Montréal
Place Bonaventure

A vision that has been evolving for 20 years

The National Education Fair was one of the first events related to education and career choice in Quebec.

It is the only event in Canada to combine a comprehensive offer to answer specific needs of the next generation as well as of the working force, as a result of a shift taken by INEO more than 10 years ago by presenting in conjunction with the Fair, The National Job Fair and, more recently, The Study & Stay Abroad Fair.

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55% of visitors to The National Education Fair was from group visits organized by schools, training centers or employment centers, and 45% of visitors (students at the college and university, parents and general public) came at the Fair in individual visits.

The National Education Fair: The most comprehensive education and career choice event in Canada

The Fair offers youth and adults inthe Greater Montreal a unique place where are gathered under one roof all the resources of the world of education, training and career choices to enable them to pursue their post-secondary studies, to choose a trade or profession, to redirect or improve.


The National Education Fair acts on one of the determinants of school perseverance and student success

Since 1996, The National Education Fair specifically acts on one of the determinants of school perseverance and student success, academic goals and career aspirations, by enabling students of the Greater Montreal to discover and explore all under one roof, and according to their interests and affinities, different postsecondary programs and career choices. To date, nearly 400,000 students visited the Fair.

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