Salon national de l'éducation de Montréal

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Message from the President

I am pleased to invite you to attend The National Education Fair presented, in conjunction with The Study & Stay abroad Fair as well as the National Job Fair. Our three-sections concept is unique in the public recruitment events industry. It allows us to segment our offers to better target different audiences, and so offer bespoke events focused on efficiency, quality and performance.

It is no coincidence that the fair receives year after year a large volume of visitors. These results confirm the crucial role played by The National Education Fair not only among young people in pursuing their education, allowing them to explore the many trades and professions, to define their interests, meet inspiring people and experiment, but also among parents who must accompany their children in this process as well as adults who are pursuing their careers.

As a teacher was saying in a survey sent to schools registered for group visits: "Young people need to see first hand the opportunities available to them ... Today's youth need brightness. They need to be attracted to have the desire to discover. "

My wish is that we continue this mission together in link with our respective objectives.

Looking forward to welcoming you to The National Education Fair!

Daniel Levesque
President of INEO


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