Salon national de l'éducation de Montréal

How to register

All organizations interested in participating in The National Education Fair must register with the Fair Management. A registration form is available for this purpose. You may obtain a copy from the person responsible for the registration of exhibitors. You will find her coordinates below. When your registration is completed, simply return the form by email, fax or mail so we can validate your registration.

A standard non-furnished space is 10 x 10 feet (approximately 3 x 3 meters). A space rental is required to register as an exhibitor. Several choices of booth package and furniture, promotion and visibility are available to complement the layout of your site, to enhance your organization and to support your recruitment strategies. Spaces are allocated on the basis of "first come, first served".

To receive a registration package, simply apply by phone or by email to the person designated below. Please note that you must provide the complete coordinates of your organization at your request.

Marie Archambault
Account Manager - Services for exhibitors
Tel. : 450-464-7638 | Fax: 450-971-0434

To get information by email, please insert the requested information below and click the "send" button.

Web site

Maximize your visibility

Several options of additional visibility are offered to exhibitors. You can select the ones interesting you when completing your registration form.

Visibility in the Official Guide

In partnership with Le Journal de Montréal, we publish a special section which serves as the visitor’s Official Guide of The National Education Fair. The Show Guide is inserted in the edition of Le Journal de Montréal the day before the event and handed out to all the visitors at the entrance of the Fair. Our visitor’s Show Guide is seen by more than 1,6 million people!

We strongly encourage exhibitors to take advantage of this cross-marketing opportunity to advertise your organization and your presence at the Fair. By doing so, you will maximize your participation and your promotional effort. As an exhibitor, you will benefit from exclusive advertising rates. Reserve your advertising space by choosing this option in your registration form.

Visibility on our Website

Stand out as an exhibitor by choosing the option of posting on our Website. Your logo, corporate profile, video and link will be displayed in the section Exhibitors in the Spotlight upon reception of your registration form (and material) and that, until after the fair.

For an outstanding visibility, post you banner on the top of each pages of the fair website! Refer to the registration form for the details and costs.

Conferences and demonstrations

During the fair, conferences of 30 minutes are presented by exhibitors whishing to stand out to visitors. Located in a strategic area of the exhibit hall, this presentation area is all equiped and its programing is announced in our various communication and promotional tools such as the Official Show Guide produced with Le Journal de Montréal, on our Website and on-site.

Distribution of a promotional item

You can boost your promotional activities at the fair by choosing the option of direct promotion on your registration form. By doing so, we will hand out your promotional item, such as a flyer, a brochure, a poster, post card or a CD, to all the visitors at the entrance of the fair. This distribution is made by our staff during the three days of The National Education Fair.

Create a group

Several organizations related to your field of activity, your industry, your region or province wish to participate in The National Education Fair? A grouping of several spaces allows the creation of a theme pavilion which will become a special activity of the fair and will benefit from a distinctive visibility and promotion.

Contact us for full details of our program for grouping exhibitors.


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