Salon national de l'éducation de Montréal

Who attends the fair

The National Education Fair is aimed primarily at high school students (sec. 3-4-5-), to adults enrolled in adult education or continuing education programs, as well as parents and the general public. It brings together under one roof universities, cegeps and colleges, specialized schools, school boards and vocational training centers, professional bodies, associations, provincial and federal sector councils and several ministries and agencies from the provincial and the federal governments.

The National Education Fair provides information on opportunities associated with various career and academic paths leading to them.


The National Education Fair includes the following categories of exhibitors:

  • School Boards
  • Vocational training centers
  • Private and public Cegeps & colleges
  • Specialisez schools
  • Universities
  • Professional bodies
  • Provincial and federal sector councils
  • Conseils sectoriels nationaux
  • Associations and community organizations
  • Foundations and corporations
  • Provincial and federal ministries and agencies


The National Education Fair plays a decisive role with youth and adults who have to make choices for their future. By bringing together under one roof all stakeholders, both in education as career choices, the fair establishes itself as a unique and essential tool in this process.

The National Education Fair is specifically for the following clientele:

  • High scool students - sec. 3-4-5 (in fields trips)
  • Adults in group visits
  • Parents
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Academic Advisors
  • General public

Why participate

Participate as an exhibitor at the National Education Fair and:

  • Recruit new students, youth and adults
  • Present your programs
  • Promote your institution
  • Make the next generation aware of the needs of your industry
  • Offer answers and concrete solutions to youth
  • Provide tools for youth to help them build their future
  • Equip parents to assist them in their role as advisor to their children
  • Establish direct personal contact with your current and future clientele
  • Position yourself as a leader to the next generation
  • Meet new visitors each year (85% of visitors never came to the fair)

Did you know that a fair is...

A privileged sales environment
87% of new visitors
83% of the visitors make a final decision at the time of their visit
54% of the visitors will take action within the 12 following months of the fair

A personalized mass media
Exhibitors can adapt their message accordingly with the profile of each individual.

An exceptional showcase
14 weeks withholding of the message in comparison of only 1 week for a print advertising.

A market survey for who knows to observe
Be tuned in your clientele, observe the visitors behavior and watch the market trend.

A space of sensorial communication
Capture the attention of the visitors by their senses, make them live an experience.

Target markets

The National Education Fair is presented in the heart of the largest French-language market in North America, where about 40% of the population is bilingual (French and English). The market of Greater Montreal has a population of 3.3 million people.

  • Island of Montreal (1.8 million people, of which 56% are bilingual and 17% are trilingual)
  • Greater Montreal (3.3 million people, of which 52% are bilingual and 24% are trilingual)


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